Stevo & Ruta’s epic and intimate London City Wedding, Day 1

Ah man, where do I start with this one??? I hate writing posts about clients who are also friends, not  because I don’t know what to say but the exact opposite- I have far too much to say and Im afraid that I’m going to waffle on about my love for these people and never get around to showing you their gorgeous wedding!! So, I promise to try and keep it short and sweet!

Stevo and Ruta are two of the best people I have ever had the privilege to call my friends. I met Stevo first as one of the most talented photographers on my team while working on a ship in the South Pacific. I have so much respect for this bloke and we quickly became firm friends. A few months later, the beautiful Ruta joined the ship as a therapist on the Spa team, this girl is so animated and so full of life and love, it wasn’t a surprise at all when Stevo fell head over heels for her!

Four years down the line I’m a little bit more than a little bit excited to get an email telling me that Stevo and Ruta are living in London and are getting married! And they want me to capture their wedding day!! EEEEEK!!

This epic, intimate wedding was to be an early affair- as Stevo & Ruta were jetting off on their honeymoon that afternoon! I must admit this scared me a little- when was I going to get a chance to take the newlyweds off for their shoot around the city? Haha! I should never have worried- of course, Stevo, an amazing wedding photographer, was never going to sacrifice getting great shots of the two of them around the beautiful city of London which they have adopted as their home! This awesome couple decided to do  a first look the evening before!! Genius!!

Because of that, and because I have sooooo many beautiful images to share, this post must be in two parts. So please, grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy day 1 of Stevo and Ruta’s London City Wedding.

Erm, are  you exited for day 2?? I certainly was! And its here!! If you can stand any more awesomeness click here for day 2!! I highly recommend you do! xx

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