Seaside Superstars!

If I could sum up this family in one word it would be this, SUPERSTARS….

I cannot begin to describe how much fun we had on our shoot with this lot. I think its fair to say that we always worry just a little bit before we have to do a family shoot- especially with two young boys who are often less than impressed by the idea that they’re going to have their photo taken…. Not with these guys though- we needn’t have spent a moment worrying.

As I’m sure you can see we all had a blast last Sunday. The boys were AMAZING- I have been shooting kids for years now and it is such a rare pleasure to find a family so completely in love with each other and who so genuinely enjoy spending time and having fun together.

Let me tell you a little bit about Yolande & Glenn…  These two are an inspiration to never, never give up on the idea that you will find your soulmate, they will be your best friend and you will spend the rest of your life in utter bliss!

The two met online a couple of years back playing Farm Town, (a facebook game), a fast friendship was quickly formed and they spent the next year chatting across the virtual fence.  Glenn is originally from England and Yolande from Cape Town so when Glenn mentioned that he loved to travel but he had not yet seen the wonders of South Africa, of course Yolande jumped at the chance to show off her beautiful homeland!

So, in April last year Glenn made the trip to Cape town, and immediately fell in love with the country and of course, Yolande and her fabulous boys! His month in SA passed far too quickly for everyone’s liking and when the time came to say goodbye, I can only imagine the tears which flowed! Obviously this could not be the end of such a wonderful relationship, and not a month later, Glenn returned and reunited with his soulmates.. I say soulmates because the love within this family is so apparent- not only between the two lovebirds but with the boys as well.  And, as they say, the rest is history…

Well, not quite history… I am so happy to say that there is so much happiness to come for this family, Glenn and Yolande are getting married later this year, (I have to admit we are just a little bit more than exited to have the privilege of shooting their wedding!) And as I write at this very moment, the fab four are enjoying an awesome holiday in England, (well, it’s only fair that Glenn has his turn as tour guide!) We know you guys are having an amazing time because well, we can’t imagine the time you guys spend together as being anything less than spectacular!

When I asked Yolande for a little background about the family, she told me about some very sound advice given to her by her mom which I simply have to share. It is possibly the single most important piece of advice any mother, (or father) can give a child, and as Ruan & I are not yet blessed with children, we are happy to share it with you…

Do yourselves a favour, marry your best friend.

Such wise words. Brings a whole new meaning to the words, “Mom knows best” eh?

Hope you like the pictures guys, cant wait to show you the rest!

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  • Yolande de LangeJuly 7, 2011 - 10:20 am

    Wow!!!! We are all squeesed in to watch the pics on my bb, Kay and Ruan thank you for capturing the magic in our family! And wow to your awesome description! Cannot wait to get to next destination so we can get comp out to have a better look, thank you once again!ReplyCancel

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