Kim & Willem’s Love Story on Signal Hill


We met Kim & Willem last year when we captured Kim’s Brother’s wedding. Kim & Willem had only recently began on their journey together, but even at such an early stage, it was clear that these two were made for each other. We are so privaleged to be caputuring thier wedding in May, at the stunning Olive Rock wedding venue in Ceres and we cant wait!!

We began their Love story session on the streets of De Waterkant, such a gorgeous area of Cape Town, with its tree lined streets and quaint painted houses, we could shoot there every day!

For the second part of  the evening, The pair led us to a specific spot on Signal Hill, the very spot where Willem had proposed!

Kim & Willem’s love for each other is clear simply by looking at them, but to hear them talking about each other makes your heart melt! Check out what they have to say about their journey so far below…

His story

The smile. That’s what got me. I had known that Kim was part of the Resource team and had seen her Sunday after Sunday for nearly 2 years. Never exchanging more than pleasantries. Then a mutual friend had her birthday party out in the sticks of the northern suburbs. For the first time we talked and talked and danced some as well. I left that evening thinking that she was someone I wanted to get to know better. After that we did cast longing glance at each other across the room so to speak. One night after the evening service I just walked up and asked her out for coffee (actually ended up having a draught) and talked for a few hours.

The smile. So after a few dates, I decided to ask her out. She said yes. A year later and another yes later there only remains a third yes to be said.

Her story

The first time I noticed Willem, he was bundled up against the cold in the car park. He gave me a dashing smile and directed me to my parking spot.  Over the next two years I saw him at church regularly serving on the Venue team. Despite having quite a few mutual friends, it took that long for us to finally connect. I have learnt that God’s timing is perfect…

What I have loved most about our time together is his old-school style of “woo-ing” me. For example, he dated me for a full month before he asked me out officially. It was only after this that he held my hand for the first time and I still waited another two days for my first kiss. It wasn’t long after that that I knew I wanted him to kiss me forever.

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