Hebden Bridge Love Story Shoot | Richard & Emma

It seems like an age since I met Emma & Richard at Hebden Bridge for their Love Story shoot! You can probably tell from first glance that it was quite a while ago- the Autumn Colours are a bit of a giveaway! I’m posting this blog today though because Emma & Richard are getting Married tomorrow and I’m so excited for their wedding!

These guys are so lovely and such a treat to be around! Emma has a properly infectious giggle and Richard is fantastic at coaxing it out of her!

We met at Gibson Mill in Hebden Bridge on a chilly day in October last year. and spent the afternoon wandering though gorgeous  Autumn leaves, stumbling upon dams and waterfalls and so much Autumn pretty! Richard & Emma live in London but they have a little house just down the road from this lovely little Hamlet and I have to say I’m a bit jealous!

When Emma first got in touch about their wedding she described the venue as being a farm style venue with fields of sheep surrounding it!! Well, you can imagine my giddiness!! I can’t wait!! So looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow Emma & Richard!!

Hebden Bridge Love Story ShootEmma & Richards E-shoot at Gibson MillLove in the Autumn Leaves at Hebden BridgeSnuggles at Gibson MillStepping Stones at Hebden BrigeLove on the Rocks at Hebden BridgeSnuggles at Hebden BridgeRichard & Emma's Love Story at Habden BridgeSitting at Gibson MillCuddles at Hebden BridgeAutumn Colours at Hebden BridgeBy the tiny waterfall at Hebden BridgeSuch still waters at Hebden BridgeThe Iconic Gibson MillCheeky EmmaRefections at Gibson MillRichard & Emma's Pre-Wedding Shoot at Hebden BridgeStealing a kiss behind the shed
Still waters at Gibson Mill

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